Vanilla Dream

The sweet, comforting yin of vanilla and the fiery yang spice of ginger entwine like lovers in this deeply euphoric blend. Allow yourself to be seduced by a scent that is alluring as it reassures, exciting, exotic yet deeply familiar. With a sense of warm, nurtured, well being like being wrapped in safe, strong arms you will find your worries and inhibitions dissolve away as you relax in the deep contentment of a lover's dream. Use it in the bath, after a shower, as a massage oil or drizzle it on your oatmeal. Made with food grade ingredients it is completely edible.

Ingredients: Local, organically grown Kauai vanilla beans and ginger infused in organic extra virgin coconut oil.

This stuff smells so amazing. It's perfect for Valentine's Day or as a special treat. Combine it with a Chocolate Bliss Body Scrub for a real treat. Remember coconut oil is solid until it reaches 76 degrees. Place the bottle in a container of warm water to liquefy.