Skin Tonic

Skin toners are an important and delightful part of a daily skin care ceremony. Full of naturally occurring astringents found in plants and flowers facial toners refine and tighten pores, balance skin's pH, hydrate skin and complete the daily cleansing process.

To use: Gently mist your face with the toner (keep your eyes closed as you do this) and while your skin is still moist follow by applying your facial serum. For extra moisture spritz again lightly and massage into skin gently. You can use the Tonic anytime during the day or night to refresh your skin. The pure, organic, hydrosols and extracts used in these toners possess hydrating, regenerative and soothing qualities. They are extremely gentle and refreshing.

Again there are 3 formulas to choose from Dry/Sensitive, Normal, and Oily/Combination

Skin Tonic for Dry and Sensitve Skin - is composed of helichrysum hydrosol*, neroli (orange flower) hydrosol*, and hibiscus extract* with a wee touch of glycerin and borax.

Skin Tonic for Normal Skin - is composed of rose hydrosol* with green tea extract* with a wee touch of glycerin and borax.

Skin Tonic for Oily and Combination Skin - is composed of peppermint* and lavender hydrosols* with a wee touch of glycerin and borax.


Borax is a natural mineral that serves as an emulsifier, preservative, cleansing and softening agent.

* certified orgnaic. For more information on ingredients click here.