Aromatic botanical inhaler for sinus and congestion

A natural way to ease stuffiness and congestion with essential oils. The inhaled molecules of essential oils are carried directly to the lungs where they begin working immediately to open airways and support the immune system.

To use: unscrew outer case and remove. Put inhaler in nostril. Breath in deeply. Hold other nostril closed for stronger dose. Repeat on other side and then as often as needed. Inhalers good for several months.

* Eucalyptus Oil: Clears stuffiness

* Peppermint Oil: Expands airways

* Rosemary Oil: Loosens chest congestion

* Lavender Oil: Calms breathing

* Cedarwood Oil: Reduces spasm and excess mucus

* Ravensara Oil: Clears infection

* Lemon Oil: Boosts immune system and spirits

For information on ingredients and essential oils click here.