Le Balm

Relief for Tense Muscles


This experience is more about absence than presence. What this means is that while you may be expecting to feel the presence of heat or a tingling sensation that probably won't happen. What will happen is that all of a sudden you'll just notice an absence of pain and tension in the area where you applied the balm. We’ve used it for aching backs, stiff necks, tight shoulders, headaches, jaw tension, cramping in the calf muscle and arthritic finger pain.

Directions: Massage balm into knots, tight, tense areas or painful joints. Repeat again about 10-15 minutes later. Use 3-4 times per day until you forget about it because it doesn't hurt anymore. It is especially helpful to do before bed and first thing in the morning. Use in conjunction with heat for deeper penetration. Also good for chronically cold hands and feet, it warms by increasing circulation. Works best if used regularly over a number of days.

Ingredients: St. John’s Wort* infused in grapeseed oil mixed with lobelia,* crampbark*, and cayenne* tinctures and essential oils of sweet marjoram, black pepper* West Indies bay, ginger*, and rosemary* in Kauai beeswax.

*certified organic. For information about ingredients click here.

Because of the cayenne be careful not to rub your eyes after using the balm. Cayenne relieves pain, and improves blood flow to the area but it may feel like a slight burning sensation in your eyes or on sensitive areas of your skin.