Ingredients are important. They are important for two reasons, because you put them on your body and because they don't just appear out of thin air, they come from somewhere. What I'm getting at with this is that your purchase of a product connects you to all of the people and practices that go into producing, processing and distributing the raw materials and getting them, through me, to you. Greensong Botanicals are plant based, non-toxic, products that connect your health and well being with the health and well being of the planet. In my view the two are inextricably linked and the more you have of one the more you have of the other. My mission with Greensong is to participate in and support the efforts of those who value and work with the living systems of the planet by offering beautiful, healthy products. When you use your money for Greensong products it connects you into this network as well. I believe that connecting with, learning from, and working in harmony with Nature can help us heal the ecological problems we face and many of the social, physical, mental, and emotional ones as well. I believe that by helping to support each other with mutually beneficial relations and business practices, we all prosper. We live in a global village. Like it or not, we are each connected to all the other life forms and living systems on this planet.

Because of these ideas all Greensong products are made with food-grade ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils which are certified organic*, grown using organic methods, or sustainably wild harvested. What this means is that while the products offer you the healthful benefits of plant based ingredients in their minimally processed states, your purchase of them also benefits the small producers of the oils, hydrosols, essential oils, and herbs. These producers are often families, small villages, or groups of small scale farmers, who work cooperatively to get their crops processed and distributed. In many cases the demand for these natural ingredients helps communities support themselves and to restore the ecosystems in their areas. I choose my suppliers because they share these ideas, beliefs and values. I love the projects they are involved in and the way they do business.

To learn more or to purchase bulk herbs and oils or essential oils here are links to two of my favorite suppliers Mountain Rose and Floracopeia.

To these ends all Greensong products are infused with the specific intention to be beneficial to all those who are connected to them in any way, from the plants and farmers, through all those who process and distribute the ingredients, to those who buy and use the products. My vision of the world is that our health is intimately and unequivocally connected to the well-being of the environment, the planet and each other. I believe that it is important to develop a harmonious relationship with the world of Nature and the global garden because by understanding our interrelatedness with Nature, and the wisdom inherent there, we can right many of the difficulties we now face on the planet. In this spirit I invite you to step into the mandala of life, love, healing, and wisdom that is the Greensong of Nature.