A cup of tea is one of the the simplest, oldest and most well known remedies for everything from a stressful day to a broken heart. Sometimes just the act of taking a quiet break away from the busyness of life with a warming, soothing, cup of tea is enough to be of great benefit. Or, perhaps taking the time to sit with a friend, colleague or family member over a cup of tea can offer an oportunity for connection, clarity or laughter. Whatever the case, drinking herbs in the form of tea is a simple, lovely, and enjoyable practice that we all can benefit from.

Even beyond the soothing comfort a cup of tea may offer, many herbs contain beneficial qualities which can be felt immediately and others that can nourish and helping shift things in your body over time.  Plants contain a complex variety of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and compounds many of which are water soluble. A nice cup of herbal tea is a quick and efficient way to administer all of these water soluble benefits while also providing water to the body to keep it hydrated.

A lovely, grounding ritual, a soothing break from a busy day or something to ease the pain of indigestion a cup of tea can do it all and much much more.

Greensong Botanicals Teas are made with our heads, our hearts, our spirit and through our connection to Nature. We believe that we are not separate from Nature but an interactive and interdependent part of it. So, we use our heads to research and explore the vast array of plants that are available to us to see which ones work best with the systems of the body we are focusing on. We then use our hearts and spirit to connect with these plants. We attune to them while focusing on our mission and the tea's particular intention. We acknowledge our dynamic relationship with the plants and work with them in this way to come up with each specific tea blend.

Some of the herbs in these tea blends are grown here on the Garden Island of Kauai at the base of Mt Wai'ale'ale which is known as one of the wettest place on Earth. Some 400 inches of rain filters down through the ancient volcanic rock being purified and charged by the mountain's mana (life vitality)before soaking into the lush vegetation. Currently, ginger, mint, lemongrass, noni, and hibiscus are growing in these vibrant soils in the Greensong garden and our intention is to increase the number of Transofromational Tea herbs grown and processed here on Kauai by working with local farmers.

Those herbs that we get from elsewhere come from small farms and villages around the world. They come from people who are growing with organic methods and wildcrafting in traditional ways with an awareness of preserving the valuable resources that these plants are and maintaining the essential connections between the people and the aina (the land) as it is called in Hawaiian. These plants provide life for the people who grow them, for their families and communities in terms of income, as food and as medicine while also being grown in ways that support the life vitality of the plants, the soil, the water and all the other creatures who interact with and depend on these things. When drinking Greensong Botanical Teas you are sharing in this vital, vibrant relationship between people and the aina in a way that benefits everyone.

Tumeric Ginger & Fennel Tea - Digestive and Anti-inflammatory