A Sweet, Simple, Cleansing Ceremony

It is often the small things that we do everyday that ground, center and shape us. Things like smelling the flowers, giving thanks, saying a prayer or taking time for a child, friend or stranger. We may even find that these small, simple actions, done repeatedly over a length of time, have the most profound effects on our lives.

Greensong's Daily Practice is like this – simple rituals that when done each day help to clear away the dirt, congestion, chemicals and stresses that descend upon our skin. When done over days and weeks this practice will make your skin look and feel rejuvenated, glowing and healthy.

The practice is composed of 4 simple rituals that, when followed regularly, allow the loving strength of Mother Nature, in the form of the hydrosols, nut and seed oils, oats, clay, and essential oils found in the 4 Daily Practice rituals, to clean, hydrate and moisturize your delicate face. All of the ingredients in Greensong’s Daily Practice are of food grade quality and are either certified organic, ethically wildcrafted, or grown without chemicals. Each ritual is available for 3 skin types - dry/sensitve/aging, normal and oily/problem.

The Ceremony

Gentle Wash: The First Ritual

Our Gentle Face Wash is a mild and effective everyday cleanser that will remove pollution, oil, grit and grime from your skin without stripping the skin of its natural acid mantle protection or causing it to dry out.

Skin Tonic: The Second Ritual

Skin toners are an important and delightful part of a daily skin care ceremony. Full of naturally occurring astringents found in plants and flowers facial toners refine and tighten pores, balance skin's pH, hydrate skin and complete the daily cleansing process.

Serum Elixirs: The Third Ritual

The thought of using an oil as a facial moisturizer may seem odd. It might seem like it would make your skin too oily. Amazingly enough you will find that most people's skin actually reacts very well to facial oils which are full of things your skin needs like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and EFA’s. The oils are light, nourishing, healing and are easily absorbed. They will not leave your skin feeling greasy, clog pores or diminish your skin’s own ability to make sebum.

Deep Cleanse: The Fourth Ritual

While the Daily Practice rituals keep your face well maintained and in good condition, all skin types can benefit from a once-a-week exfoliating scrub or the deeper cleanse of a facial mask.

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