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Make healing foods, simple everyday medicines and body care products from your own kitchen and backyard

Framework: The integration of Medicine, food, health care, ecology and spirituality into daily life.

In these times of health care unpredictability, economic uncertainty and environmental upheaval it can be helpful to take a pause to see where you are and what is going on in the environment around you. Nature offers us a rich and diverse abundance of information and resources that are all around us if we only know what we are looking at. The deeper we enter into a conscious relationship with Nature the more we see that many of the things we need to be healthy are already in our kitchens or outside our back doors. We can also begin to notice that we are not really separate from our environment. Our environment is actually passing in and out of our bodies continuously in the form of air, water, food and waste. And, when you get right down into it, you might notice that we are also exchanging these elements with all other living things on the planet.

In these classes we will begin to look at things from the perspective that our bodies are our environment. We will work with the idea that there is no separation between our physical bodies and the world of Nature that we see outside ourselves. We can look to Nature to understand many things about our own health and bodies and we can see how things that work in nature also are operating inside of us. These ideas create a framework for understanding that as we heal ourselves and our bodies we also heal the world. Because what creates health for one environment creates health for the other and so as we save the planet inside of us we save the planet outside of us.

Currently, Connecting with our Wild Side: a 7-day workshop in Italian hillside which includes yoga, cooking, herbal classes, and playful self-expression through movement and collage is scheduled for June 17-24, 2015. Click the link for details. There will also be a 7-day vegan/raw cooking class in Bali at the beautiful Bali Shala retreat center in Ubud on October 4th - 11th 2015. Click link for details.