4 Thieves Remix

Multi-use Disinfectant and Immune Support Spray

There is an old tale of the dark ages that tells of four thieves who plundered the victims of the plague but never themselves fell ill. The story goes that when caught for their crimes they were offered their lives in exchange for the formula of herbs and oils they used to protect them. Many versions of the tale and the formula have been passed down.

It is said that such a formula rubbed on the face and hands can stop infectious disease. The vapors can be inhaled as a support to the immune system and to protect from airborne bacteria and viruses.  4 Theives Remix can also be used when flying as immune support, to disinfect surfaces, and to clean mold. As an added bonus it smells so good it can just be used as a pleasant body and air spray that helps keep you well!

Cinnamon hydrosol* with essential oils of: cinnamon*, clove*, eucalyptus, lemon*, rosemary*, lemongrass*, ravensara.

*certified organic. For more information on ingredients click here.