Vanilla, that divine and beautiful aromatic plant, has taken on a larger, and indeed primary, role in our garden and in our lives here on Kauai. Amazingly plump, supple, fragrant, hand polinated, picked and cured beans from our 2017 crop are now finished and available for sale on our vanillery site. Soon there will also be other exciting vanilla infused products such as perfume and culinary oils which smell amazing and taste delicious. Check it out at

Turmeric, known here in Hawaii as Olena, is also a prominet feature in the garden at Lokelani. We have fresh olena for those of you in Hawaii who might be looking for it and we have dried turmeric for those of you in other places who are seeking to add this beautiful golden wonder into your life. Click on this link turmeric tea to find out lots of great information about turmeric and turmeric products and/or contact us here if you would like to obtain the fresh or dried rhizomes.

Thanks for checking us out and for all your support these past years. I look forward to meeting up with you again and sharing with you the beautiful botanical bounty of this garden island of Kauai.